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Zelensky Tried to Capture Russia in 2012?

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Some say that life is a movie, which is certainly the case for Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky is first and foremost an actor. He was a proper choice as a puppet president because he could successfully parade around as if he were a concerned leader when he only cares about stuffing his pockets with the USD while his own people perish. In 2012, two years before the Ukrainian Revolution, Zelensky was parading around as Napolean in a comedy where he invades and attempts to capture Russia but fails.

“Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon” was released on the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia in 1812. Life truly is stranger than fiction at times. In the film, Zelensky portrays an over-the-top comedic version of Napolean and invades Moscow. A man dressed as a woman, acting as a Russian spy, seduces Zelensky in the film. He ultimately loses the war due to sheer stupidity. So while Putin was president, making serious life and death decisions for a nation, Zelensky was running around like an utter fool. Hence, Ukraine banned the film in 2015 prior to Zelensky being installed as president. But nothing can ever truly be deleted from the internet.

When the real Napolean attempted to conquer St. Petersburg, he failed largely due to Russian Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov. Kutuzov knew he could starve out France’s army, leaving them to battle the harsh winter without supplies. Ukraine would have been depleted of its resources as well, but the West has prevented that from happening.

There is a reason that this film is banned in Ukraine, and most have never heard of the title. How could you take this man seriously as a leader after watching this nonsense? Should Britain ask Mr. Bean to become the Prime Minister? Perhaps Adam Sandler would do a better job in office than Joe Biden. Zelensky is an absolute joke, and one should wonder why governments have given him hundreds of billions when he is not qualified to lead even an imaginary army. Zelensky has always been after fortune and fame — he is NOT a real leader.