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The Gates of Hell

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The joke going around is Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Joe Biden all died together in a private plane crash. They show up before Satan at the Gates of Hell. Gates says he was helping society and is clearly in the wrong place. Kalus says yes – me too! Biden seems confused and does not know where he is. Satan shows Biden to a small cell steaming hot with no air conditioning. Gates and Klaus are escorted to an air-conditioned mansion and told they must share it. They asked why we had to live together. Satan replies: We are unsure who will send more people here, you Gates or Schwab. You did a great job killing 20% of the vaccinated Bill, and you, Klaus, stole everyone’s assets, creating massive civil wars. When we have the total death count that will decide who keeps this mansion, you both beat the death counts of Hitler, Lenin, and even Genghis Khan. That was very impressive. Well done!