It’s All in the Genes

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COMMENT: Marty, we have to get you a 23-year-old wife. I just read this study that if you marry a younger woman, you live longer.  Come on! Take on for the team!


ANSWER: Yes, that makes sense because a younger woman keeps you more active. I have seen that even in real life. My mother was 15 years junior to my father. That may be why the divorce rate is higher the closer the age.

Before socialism in the 1930s, you had to get the house, the chickens, and the farm and then go to a girl’s father and ask for her hand. His first question was – What do you have? You had to prove you could care for a family, for there was no welfare, etc. The Dowry went with the daughter, and that was really her pension to ensure she would be taken care of and any children. Socialism changed all that, and the age difference started declining post-WWII. Something was lost along the way concerning tradition.

I appreciate the thought. But would you be condemning a girl to a life with a workaholic. She would be miserable if she had no interest in what I do.

Grey hair does not run in my family, just salt & pepper; most seem to check out between 97 and 103. When I see a new doctor, they think there is a mistake with my age. It’s all in the genes.

Thanks anyway.