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Biden to Replace Currency & Flag

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Bidens New Dollar

No more will there be any currency In God We Trust – that was just a slogan Republicans passed in July 1955 under President Dwight Eisenhower. The Biden Administration prefers DIVIDE AND CONQUER which is their agenda domestically & internationally.

1793 Penny HalfPenny

Ah, the good old days when there was no God – just politicians.

1971 Eisenhower Dollar

Biden new coin

So a new coin is to replace the Eisenhower Dollar using ancient Mysia as the Model. Hell! He was a Republican anyway. So was Jefferson on the nickel, Lincoln on the penny, Washington on the Quarter. They will keep the Roosevelt dime. Even Franklin has to go. They all agree like Soros, there is no God anyway and it’s their turn to stick it to the opposition.

Biden New Flag

As for the flag with 50 stars, that also has to go. They do not believe in State’s Rights anyhow. They are proudly displaying the far more colorful flag of Transgenderism to save the planet and stop population growth ending this nonsense of male and female gender recognition anyhow. It’s not diversified enough. The old flag is binary red and blue. The Biden World – nothing is binary. This will present a major problem in trying to come up with a new computer language that does not use binary code – 2023 in binary is 11111100111.


Oh, and BTW, Mt Rushmore is to be flattened – it’s just Republican propaganda anyway.