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They Never Teach the Truth

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Embargo on Japan 2 15 20

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I recently graduated ________________ with a degree in history. I just wanted to let you know that nowhere was there ever a discussion that FDR deliberately allowed Pearl Harbor to take place to force the Americans into a world war. I verified independently what you said about FDR. To my total shock, you are 100% correct. That leaves me wondering if what is being taught is indeed just propaganda..

Thank you for all you do. You are an amazing source.


Galbraith Great Crash

ANSWER: Let me explain something. To write the Greatest Bull Market in History back in 1986, I published my sources with newspaper clippings and researched everything because history is indeed written by the victor. When I was in school, I had to read The Great Crash by John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-2006). Nowhere in there did he EVER criticize the government because he was a left-wing socialist in love with Marx as most academics seem to be.

Herbert Hoover Memoirs

I was in London and would often rummage around the antique bookstores near the British Museum. I found a copy of Herbert Hoover’s memoirs. It changed my life. It was there that I read about the sovereign debt defaults of 1931. Hoover made a serious mistake. Many blamed him for the Great Depression so he did not want to appear to be making money from it. So his deal was that nobody could make money from the book. They published, I believe, only 500 copies. It was extremely rare. I would discuss what he wrote at institutional seminars I used to do exclusively before 1985. That led to an onslaught of calls to the Hoover Foundation asking for the book. I spoke to them and they said – Oh you’re the guy. I said yes. I was trying to get them to republish the work. Today, you can buy republished editions.

GBM Pages

I learned the hard way – never trust what they teach in school. All the research I have done has been on my own. That’s why when I wrote the Great Bull Market in History, I tried to create a “feel” for how I did my research reading all the daily newspapers trying to recreate the experience as if you were there back then. Understanding the truth is critical.

Roosevelt was inflicting embargos on the Japanese, freezing their money, and cutting them off from all energy. When they turned to buying fuel from other nations, Roosevelt threatened to blockade their ships. Is it any wonder why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to eliminate the US fleet after the treats of an embargo?

What we are doing to Russia is the exactly same way Roosevelt treated the Japanese. There will be only one resolution – World War III. I do not believe that those in Washington and Brussels are this stupid. This is DELIBERATE and they are trying to provoke Russia to attack as did the Japanese. They will then claim we wear the white hats and Russia is the aggressor with an unprovoked attack. It worked before.

Parl Harbor U.S._Senate_Joint_Committee_on_the_Investigation

Even the official senate investigation into Pearl Harbor became necessary because of “Rumors even circulated that President Franklin Roosevelt, determined to draw the nation into war, baited Japan with an unguarded harbor.” 

McNamara Robert

Just like the weapons of mass destruction that never existed in Iraq, or Vietnam that never attacked us, or the sinking of the Lusitania because we were secretly sending arms to Britain after swearing we were neutral when it comes to war – the people are NEVER told the truth. For whatever reason, our leaders love war. The Germans even published a warning in the press – do not sail on the Lusitania. They accused Sadam Hussain of hiding weapons in civilian areas so they killed countless civilians. We did the same using passenger ships as cover shipping military weapons to Britain. Nothing ever changes. It was Johnson’s famous tape where he admitted lying to the American people that Vietnam attacked us. He said for all he knew, they were shooting at whales that night. MacNamara apologized before he died admitting they were wrong about Vietnam. It was not about communism – it was a civil war.

Louis XIV War

How many people grew up without a father because of politicians? The common people of America no more than Russia want war. It is always the leaders who create every war. Even Louis XIV said on his deathbed – “I have been too fond of war.”

Luistania was Warned