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The Last Caliihate

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Dear Marty,

I am a Muslim follower of your blog. And your blogs are great. I hope that everyone understands that you are not for this side or the other side. You are in the side of the unfolding of time (that’s how I see it – sorry if it is wrong).

The problem is that must people always take themselves out of the equation when trying to solve a problem. Your reply to the question understanding (political) Islam was spot on and this link to the article is a good piece showing clearly that the cause for all our current political Middle East turmoil is rooted in the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate. What the West propagated did hundred years ago (watch the movie Lawrence of Arabia) comes to haunt them now and they don’t understand why because the past is too far ago. Beyond their lifetime.

I would be very curious to know what Socrates would calculate going forward for the date the Ottoman Caliihate was abolished – 3 March 1924.

I wonder if this Summer coup attempt in Turkey or what future dates are important.

Please let me know – thank you.


ANSWER: Using the Economic Confidence Model frequency from the end of the Ottoman Empire, we curiously come to 1971 which was the end of Bretton Woods when Nixon closed the gold window on August 15th. As the wave crashed, the reactionary high was firmly established with the Yom Kippur War on October 6th, 1973. The US came to the aid of Israel and that resulted in the OPEC embargo on October 16th, 1973. The OPEC recession was over in 1975 and the wave of inflation began with the first quarter 1976.