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Only Experience Clears the Vision

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Storm eternal sea of politics

QUESTION: Hi Martin,
I grew up under communism, in Romania and now have been living in Canada for more than 20 years, moving here in my 30s. We considered ourselves so lucky to be living here till Trudeau took over the reins.
I’ve been following your post for a year now and I like your opinions, especially now when it’s hard to know whom to believe. My question is what to make with all this information? What is the solution to the agenda of WEF?
Kind regards


ANSWER: They will fail. However, the people are always sheep and this constantly encourages corruption in politics. They get away with taking $1000, then $10,000, and keep going into the millions. Suddenly people get mad and they do not understand. We have to let the dust settle. But throughout history, they will always claim to be the opposite of what they really are. The ANTIFA movement claim to be against fascists yet they want to silence all opposition precisely what fascist always do.

Armey Dick

Just as communism collapsed because it is against human nature and cannot be sustained, this too shall pass. Dick Army was the House Majority Leader January 3, 1995 – January 3, 2003. I was trying to work on tax reform and reforming Social Security to make it into a wealth fund where the lower classes would earn from investment instead of forced to invest exclusively in government bonds. I was sitting in Dick’s office and he was in favor of the flat tax. He said to me, he could not support the retail sales tax because it would be impossible to repeal the income tax. He said since I knew cycles when the Democrats got back in, we would then have both. It was then and there I realized that all my efforts to help the country were meaningless. For he was absolutely correct. When the cycle changed, Marxism would be back with a vengeance.


Politics is the ETERNAL SEA for it is always changing. Their victory this moment will lead to their reckless management and their emotional effort to turn the world entirely upside down. This has indeed been a Marxist coup and at least you have the experience to see what is coming. Unfortunately, others are cheering their own demise. They have never lived under Marxism. Slowly, the trend will change bringing more and more to realize that all these cries of equality were also the rhetoric of Robespierre. He began the Reign of Terror to suppress those who opposed the revolution. He also seized the property of the church and executed priests as well as countless people. If you even ever said a favorable word about the king, you were executed.

French Revolutionary Calendar 1024x576

He rejected all religion and started the calendar with year ONE marking the Revolution. The week became 10 days in order to eradicate Sunday and the 7th day of rest from the Bible. There was simply no tolerance of any opposition and the slightest thought of being against his revolution meant you were dead.

Unfortunately, we never learn from the past without experience. This is why history must repeat because it seems that those who have such hatred rise to the top.