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History Repeating All Over Again

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1848 Berlin Revolution

The 1848 Berlin Revolution

QUESTION: You have mentioned that the 1848 Communist Revolution that swept all of Europe was a political contagion. Am I correct in assuming this is what you suggest comes post 2024 going in 2032?


1848 French RevolutionThe French 1848 Revolution

ANSWER: Yes. We all have heard of the 1846 -1852 Great Hunger/Great Irish Potato Famine. This Great Hunger was not confined to Ireland. It hit all of Europe, and this was a significant influence in promoting the Communist Revolution of 1848 that swept Europe. The 1848 Revolutions in Europe were unique, for they were a contagion. Neither the French Revolution of 1789, the July Revolution of 1830, the Paris Commune Uprising of 1870, nor the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 sparked a comparable transcontinental cascade as that of 1848 that swept Europe, including Romania. What is often overlooked is that this came on the heels of a major famine that killed millions- the Great Hunger.

Blum Robert Execution

The parallel with prosecuting Trump also existed, where they executed a German politician for supporting the 1848 Revolution. Robert Blum (1807–1848) was a German democratic politician, a publisher, and a revolutionary spirit. He was also a member of the National Assembly of 1848. He fought for a unified Germany and opposed what was happening then, the same thing unfolding today. He argued that no people should rule over another – that is, Prussia. Back then, Prussia was protestant, and they sought to overrule the Catholics of Bavaria. Today, the LEFT assumes seizing power, and they get to force their agenda upon everyone else. That is neither how Democracy works, and it is specific against the very purpose of civilization, where everyone benefits by joining together.

Hence, Blum was also an opponent of the Prussian occupation of Poland.  Blum also was against the rise of this idea of an ancient Arian race, and as such, he opposed the movement toward antisemitism. He supported the Southern German Catholic sect of Bavaria. He even argued for the equality of the sexes, which was ahead of his time.

Blum claimed immunity as a member of the National Assembly who, under the law, could not be prosecuted for his political position. That principle should have applied to Trump on January 6th. They were clever and had him arrested during a stay in Vienna, Austria, and this being a German politician was not recognized as an immunity outside of Germany. They naturally found him guilty and ordered his execution for his role in the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states.

CIA_Chief_Michael_Hayden wants Trumop Executed

The ex-CIA Chief has called for the execution of Donald Trump. That would save the CIA from having to assassinate Trump if he wins the election and blame some Mexicans this time. Trump now knows the game. There is no way the Neocons, FBI, CIA, and institutionalized career politicians, including the uni-party RINOS, will ever follow any order of Trump. They are blocking even RFK because he is also an outsider. How dare these people think they can be voted in to change government?

This is this coalition of anti-American actors’ last stand, and they are not about to lose control in 2024. We are staring into the eyes of some of the most evil people on the face of the Earth. They can taste power and lick their lips over the thought of defeating Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians. From their perspective, this is their time.

2032 Sixth Wave

Welcome to how history repeats and the Revolutionary Cycle as we move into 2032.

This Will Be A Global Contagion as was 1848