Government & God – Obama Threatens the Vatican

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Anyone who thinks government respects religion had better stop watching sports and drinking too much. There is a whole different reality waiting for you. Obama threatened to shutdown the Catholic Church from receiving any money out of the USA, or sending any money to the USA unless it complied with FATCA. Obama, showing his true colors, has no respect for religion. The Vatican has been forced to comply with U.S. tax authorities, demonstrating that Obama is hunting every piece of loose change he can find (See Agreement: FATCA-Agreement-Holy-See-6-10-2015).



Why did Napoleon crown himself? Because Napoleon imprisoned the Pope until he too signed over all papal lands to the new French Government. The French even issued assignats, which consisted of paper money backed by lands and property confiscated from the Catholic Church. Just follow the money and you will see that politicians are atheists. They have to be. It was Marx who called religion the opium of the masses.


When Henry the VIII was broke, he too confiscated all the lands of the Catholic Church and created the Church of England all for money. “Fidei defensor” is the Latin title for “Defender of the Faith” which has been one of the subsidiary titles of the English and later British monarchs since it was granted on October 11, 1521 by Pope Leo X to King Henry VIII of England. They still kept the title, even after confiscating all property of the Catholic Church to refill the depleted treasury.

To this day, Elizabeth II, in her capacity as queen of the United Kingdom,  is still styled, “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith”.


To this day, Gresham Law based on bad money driving good money out of circulation, was an observation of the Great Debasement of the coinage of Henry VIII, prior to him confiscating the property of the Catholic Church because he was dead broke.