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Clarification – Government Believes it is God

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Of course God cannot be overruled by government, but those in government think so. I do not believe in government as some benevolent entity that really cares about the people. They only care about themselves.

The entire modern Civil Asset Forfeiture was the ancient practice of Deodand which is a thing forfeited or given to God specifically as a matter of law. This was an object or instrument that was forfeited because it has caused a person’s death. So if you had a horse and wagon which suddenly killed someone, the horse and wagon were then sold and the proceeds donated to God and paying the funeral expenses.

The English common law of deodands traces back to the 11th century and was applied on and off, until Parliament finally abolished it in 1846. The American Revolution came in 1776 and it has been usurped by government as if they were God. So the police are confiscating money from people under this old common law precedent, all neatly justified by replacing God with government. The government does this in every aspect of law. Today, they presume you are guilty and the Supreme Court upholds confiscating all your assets to prevent you from even obtaining a fair trial under this precedent. You can be innocent but they still seize your property under the theory of deodands that the object offended God who is now the police — in their view of the world.


When the year 1000 AD approached, everyone assumed that it would be the end of the world. The English King Aethelred II removed his portrait and placed the Lamb of God on the coinage for that year. When nothing happened, he replaced it with his own the next year. Belief in God among those in government is nothing but a show, it is never real based upon their actions.