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Cleopatra & WOKE Changing History

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I have finished the next book on the real story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and how this was really a Proxy War where Cleopatra used Mark Antony and funded his entire army to defeat Octavian and seize control of the Roman Empire. She was a highly intelligent woman and knew how to manipulate men for her political goals. Using the coinage reveals what NETFLIX misrepresented. Cleopatra was not a black African, she was the last of the Macedonians who conquered the known world and established the first world currency of Alexander the Great. Her motive was shrouded in the quest to allow Macedonia to defeat Rome.

FORBES on Netflix_s_Queen_Cleopatra_Controversy

NETFLIX has deliberately embraced WOKENESS and engaged in rewriting history to satisfy a political agenda. In this case, the series has also been criticized by not just anti-WOKE people, but now the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has come out and insisted that any documentary “requires those in charge of its production to investigate accuracy and rely on historical and scientific facts.” There is absolutely no foundation that Cleopatra was anything other than a Greek from the Hellenistic period. Both her coinage as well as statues distinguished her as Greek and paintings from Pompey reveal she may have even had red hair.

Antony Severus Hoard

Antony’s legionary denarii was the largest production of Roman coins perhaps ever issued and this was the wealth of Egypt on display. Cleopatra funded this attempt to conquer Rome using Antony and the Romans to create a civil war. This was her brilliant strategy of creating a proxy war using Romans to defeat Rome. This is the same as the United States has no problem letting Ukrainians die by the 100,000s to defeat Russia – Slav v Slav.

History repeats because human nature never changes. Antony’s legionary denarii still accounted for 20% of the coins discovered in Pompeii 100 years later. That reflects the magnitude of Cleopatra’s Proxy War. Antony’s legionary denarii were still being discovered in hoards buried as late as 220AD some 250 years later.

This book is going to print now. We will let you know when it is available