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France Paying Informants to Confiscate Wealth

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French customs officials received a tip that lead to the confiscation of a rare painting. The Guardian reported that French customs officers boarded a yacht docked off the town of Calvi in northern Corsica. They knew precisely what they were looking for: a €25 million Picasso belonging to a member of a Spanish banking dynasty.

The Roman Emperor Maximinus I (235-238AD) declared that all wealth belonged to the state. Spies were rewarded for turning in anyone hiding assets. The IRS also has its Whistleblower – Informant Award program. History repeats because governments are always the same – it’s just about them. Maximinus set in motion the destruction of the Roman economy. Once he began to hunt wealth, people hid it, and the economy imploded. We are in the very same process and in the USA; it is called FATCA.

Europe is hunting assets everywhere. Starting Sept. 30 /Oct. 1, 2015.75 (365 * .75) we enter the BIG BANG, and over the next four years things will go from bad to worse. Maybe our only hope is Donald Trump, for he will at least be more prone to slow this trend than anyone else within the fold of the political class.


The government is broke; they do not realize that they are destroying the world economy, precisely as Maximinus destroyed the Roman economy. What hope do we have of stopping this destruction when we have greedy politicians with no sense of what they are doing? We will have no future left if we continue to follow this path. It is illegal to mail even a $20 bill for a birthday gift. If you try to send money, even to your family by wire or Western Union, they want to know where the money came from. A friend was recently divorced and his wife wanted to wire her half of the account to a different bank. The bank refused, demanding to know why, and forcing them to bring to the bank their divorce papers. Your money is no longer yours. It may be in your possession, but that is a reluctant circumstance that they would like to remedy.