The United States Has Been Invaded

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If anyone questions if Biden is actually being controlled from Geneva and this is the overthrow of the United States, just for once listen to the proposals from his nominee for the Comptroller of the Currency. This will be a full-blown overthrow of Capitalism – PERIOD! You will lose your savings, your jobs, and her proposal to end investment banking means the end of any new business to emerge from here on out. There will be nothing left – AT ALL! I know a lot of Democrats. Not a single one ever envision this is what would happen under Joe Biden. This is a scorched earth policy.

He is doing the same in Syria ordering strikes to create a war with Russia without any authority from Congress. At least 30 people from Capitol Hill, both Democrat, and Republican, sent a letter to Biden calling his actions on everything UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has circumvented Congress entirely!


The United States has been Invaded. This is no BS.

The Schwab Consortium Has Seized Control of the White House