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The Republicans Declare War on Trump & Condemn Republican Party

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The Republicans have declared war on Trump simply because they fear that any outsider will cut them off from rolling in the perks. They have attacked Trump personally and have demonstrated that they are brain dead. This is no longer about Trump as an individual. They are simply ignoring why the people have voted for him — they have had enough of career politicians. Today was crossing the Rubicon. There is no returning. What if Trump wins? The confrontation with Congress would be unbelievable. They should have listened to the people instead of rejecting their message, regardless of who Trump is or is not.


Congress - 2016

The establishment has many ways to ensure they maintain control of government. They can suppress Trump, but in the process they will expose how corrupt they truly are. The bankers own both the Democrats and Republicans. They will steal the election one way or another by rigging the counts, brokering the convention, or playing games with the electoral college. The likelihood of this ending nicely does not exist. Our models not only warned of this for 2016, but they were pointing to the same impact coming in Congress. By the time we get to 2018, this is not going to resemble anything we thought once existed. So today, the Republican Party signed their own death warrant. They are no more “conservative” than Trump or Hillary, and they prefer Hillary to Trump any day. Trump is Ross Perot 2.0. Come 2018, that will be more of the same.

Digitized for "Picture This: California Perspectives on American History," a project of the Oakland Museum of California Museum Technology Initiative for Educational Outreach IMLS Grant, July 1, 2010 ‰ÛÒ June 31, 2011.

The sharp rise in third party activity suggests we are heading for a split in the Republican Party. This previously took place when Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president, and then Teddy Roosevelt split and formed the Progress Party in 1912. The spike you see there in 1855 was due to the fact that Republican Party split into a third party. During the first “anti-Nebraska” local meeting, “Republican” first appeared as the name for the new anti-slavery party. The meeting was held in a Ripon, Wisconsin, schoolhouse on March 20, 1854. The first statewide convention where a platform was presented and candidates were nominated under the Republican Party name was held thereafter near Jackson, Michigan, on July 6, 1854. This was the beginning of the Republican Party and the opposition to the expansion of slavery into new territories.

It was in 1912 when Theodore Roosevelt led progressive elements to separate out of the Republican Party. The Progressive Party lasted until 1952. The presidential election of 1860 brought Lincoln to power. It was about 51.6 years later when Teddy Roosevelt split the party. If we then add 51.6 years, we end up with 1963 followed by right now. The 1958 election was a landslide for the Democrats against Republican President Ike. The 1958 results saw a gain of 16 seats for the Democrats for a party balance of 65-35. The assassination of Kennedy led to a landslide in 1964 where LBJ gained the highest portion of the popular vote in history. So 2016 is a major turning point and it appears the Republicans have committed suicide once again, which is in tune with the cycles perfectly.

They need to listen — IT IS NOT ABOUT TRUMP — IT IS ABOUT YOU!

As for Trump, tone down the wild talk off the top of your head. The press will now support the establishment and will turn against you in FULL FORCE as they take their marching orders from the Good Old Boys (GOP).