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Rothschild’s Famous Quote Likely Made-Up

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Rothschild Mayer_Amschel

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

This popular quote is often attributed to Mayer Rothschild. However, it is most likely a fake, despite being directly quoted in “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, further demonstrating my point that this book is way too biased and not indicative of what really took place. It is this quote that has convinced so many that he and his family are evil and are still in control of the world.


This quote actually makes no sense, for the real story of history is he who makes the rules, owns the gold. The Rothschilds were bankers and did not coin the money.  Even in Roman times, there was fraud going on in the mints. These are Fouree Denarii of the Roman Emperor Claudius (41-54AD). They knew how to plate coins with silver in ancient time with chemicals. Here are genuine dies of denarii being used to strike coins that are bronze inside and silver plated. This was not the standard coinage at the time, but obviously a fraud carried out by people in the mint. The famous quote of Rothschild makes no sense on top of the fact the first time it appears is in the book  “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

Credit Anstalt

Furthermore, the bank that failed in Austria, setting off the Sovereign Debt Crisis and the real depths of the Great Depression was Credit Anstalt – a Rothschild’s bank. It did not matter who coined the money. Credit Anstalt was forced to absorb another bank that failed and those bad loans. It was a shotgun wedding by the Austrian government that the bank objected to and so the government arrange for a secret loan in London to finance the deal. Eventually, economics always prevails which then took down Credit Anstalt. Since the conspiracy theories back then placed such a presence upon the Rothschilds, the failure was taken as far worse than a simple “normal” bank.

buffett-1Knowing who is really in power behind the thrones does not require looking beyond New York City. The control the courts, the Fed, and Washington not to mention the Justice Department and all regulators. When Goldman Sachs needed to borrow $5 billion to survive, who did they turn to? It wasn’t the Rothschilds. It was Warren Buffett. The man with incredible PR control who portrays himself as the White Knight.