Rights, Privileges, & Immunities Always Vanish in the Shadow of Government

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Lilburne John Trial

The cyber police are monitoring everything. Anyone who appears to be organizing any type of protest in Germany is visited by the police. This is the new national security and slight statements are being targeted as “troublemaker speech.” We are heading into the dark land of government suppression. Part of the U.S. First Amendment is the freedom of assembly. This civil right was recognized by the Founding Fathers because the government in those days acted in the same manner. Anyone who dared to try to organize a protest was imprisoned.

Lilburn John Fifth Amendment

Our Fifth Amendment and the Miranda decision, which says you have a right to remain silent, is hated by police, prosecutors, right-wing judges, politicians, and pro-government citizens. That decision was based upon the history of the right not to be coerced that began with the famous trial of John Lilburne (1615-1657). Lilburne stood tall before the English court of the Star Chamber in 1637 where he objected to the king’s torture.

John Lilburne was a leader in the Leveller Movement of the 1640s and was a prolific pamphleteer who defended the religious and individual liberty of the people. He was imprisoned many times for his views and was active in the army of the New Parliament leading to the English Revolution, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. In October 1649, he was arrested and tried for high treason for printing and circulating books and pamphlets that were critical of the government. However, he was acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers.

History repeats because the passion of humanity never change. Those in power will fight to our death to retain that power. It is never an easy transition to restore our rights, privileges, and immunities. We face a very dark future as the elite are desperate to hold the reins of power.