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Is There a Way Out of this Mess?

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Thinking Process


Thanks for bringing such clear view of what is happening, but please, come to us with an “ideal solution”.

I fully agree with your complaints, I am laughing with you sometime for silly questions, but you have not brought a little light so far showing the right direction.

If at least we knew what to do, then your knowledge will become something concrete.

As our “Pilgrim”, million of people are now expecting more from you.

Thanks for all



ANSWER: I have provided the Solution Conference and the DVD is available for purchase. I have signed a contract and they will be making a Hollywood feature film out of “The Forecaster” movie. The character will be based on me, but they will present the goal which was to provide the solution. Hopefully, this will help provide the idea to a broader audience. Understand that we cannot reverse the trend. The best we can do is mitigate the fall. We are destined to fail and the financial capital of the world will move to Asia following 2032. We cannot alter the cycle because those in power will never alter their thinking. They see only their self-interest and therein is why no empire, nation, or city-state has ever lasted indefinitely. No doubt some will argue that I am wrong. Given the odds that not a single society has EVER beaten the business cycle, I think you can bet on our outcome without any risk.