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Government is Always Dishonorable

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Paine-Common Sense

QUESTION: Marty; It seems like government always has some covert agenda. The exposure of the FBI lying about being unable to hack the iPhone Apple is just typical. The global warming issue clearly seems to be a tax agenda. They taxed cigarettes saying they were trying to help society. When revenues declined, they want to tax electronic cigarettes. These people are always after us one way or another. I suppose this will never change will it?


ANSWER: No. I think Tomas Paine, who inspired the American Revolution with his writing entitled “Common Sense,” says it all. Nothing that government does is ever honorable. Even the war on drugs was about targeting the anti-war movement in the 1970s. Government outlawed what was in common use (e.g. marijuana) so that they could lock up users under the drug laws when, in fact, it was for political reasons. John Ehrlichman served 18 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy and perjury for his role in the Watergate scandal. Before he died, he gave an interview and stated bluntly that the war on drugs was really against political activists. We are still facing upheaval over marijuana and countless people are imprisoned for weed at a tremendous cost to society. These laws are a detriment to those people who try to move into the mainstream even for employment.

coxey his army

I have written about Coxley’s Army that marched on Washington following the Panic of 1893. How did they end the political march? They arrested Coxley for walking on the grass. This is government. They can arrest you for countless laws at any time. A friend was driving to Florida from New Jersey. In Virginia, the police pulled him over and gave him a ticket because the frame on his license plate had the dealer’s name, which 99% of new cars have. They have a law that nothing can obstruct the view of the plate. Of course, they do not arrest people for walking on the grass, but do something like exercise your First Amendment right to free speech or freedom of assembly and they will arrest you for some other reason and deny it is political.

There is no honor in government and no justice in federal court. It is impossible when former prosecutors become judges as politicians appoint them. Just look at the chaos over appointing a justice to the Supreme Court. Everyone wants someone who will interpret the Constitution unfairly and skew it to what they want it to mean. The legal professionals should be the only ones to nominate judges — not the government. Anyone who has been a former prosecutor should be disqualified. Further proof that government is always dishonorable is the fact that judges will throw you in prison on contempt if you do not bow to them and refer to them as “Your Honor.” Anyone who demands to be called “honorable” has never earned such a title.