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The Dow & the Computer

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The Global Market Watch picked the May high and the August 24 low in the U.S. share market. It is warning that we may have a temporary high in 2015. If we penetrate the August 24 low, then we may indeed fall to the 13000-14000 area leading to a slingshot move back to new highs.

The interesting aspect will be the correlation models, which we will go over at the conference. What is lining up this time is really incredible and forewarns that we may be preparing to see wild times ahead in all markets.

Assume nothing is cheap if you want to survive this crazy period. Keep in mind that a daily closing in the Dow below 16160 will signal further selling pressure; a close for the week below 16280 will also warn that we could see this slingshot move.

The Global Market Watch is an entirely different model altogether from the Reversals and Cycles. This is our Artificial Intelligence system using pattern recognition far beyond any human capability that is dependent upon subjective analysis.