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Reaching September-October

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Behind Curtain 2

QUESTION: Marty, we have reached the next target on your model from September to October. This indeed seems to be getting very dark. Any comments?



ANSWER: When we look behind the curtain, the resistance is forming. Brazil has told Pfizer they will not mandate vaccines unless Pfizer takes responsibility for all claims, which they refuse. In Britain, they had to back off of the COVID Passport. When people looked, their COVID Passport had nothing to do with getting the vaccine. Everything about you was to be recorded. The resistance was building, and the government had to back off.



Canadians threw rocks at Trudeau, and due to the lack of support, he could not even get off the bus. I have been warning the dark side of what has been behind the curtain. But I have also been warning that their window of opportunity was closing as we enter 2022. They will not succeed and indeed the resistance is building.

Roosevelt Baking Cartoon

They are trying once again to crash the economy as they did in March 2020 but it failed. They have attempted to create a Great Depression in order to eliminate all resistance and people will then agree to surrender all their rights just to get safety. They are trying to crash the markets once more all for political purposes. Government debt is worthless and they are unable to continue borrowing endlessly. This is about ending the financial system as we have known it to create the Great Reset. As one reader commented, “Sorry to hear what they did to you, but it proves that you forced HSBC to return the money to your clients and to plead guilty criminally as they always do. Now we know you are not one of them.”

2011 WEC

When I did the 2011 WEC in Philadelphia, I was shocked at how many people flew in from around the world. When I asked, “Why did you come?” The answer I was getting was “I wanted to see it was really you!” Apparently, people were concerned the government could just publish using my name, so they wanted to make sure it was really me. That showed how much people no longer trust the government. They are especially suspicious of the mainstream press and the wonderland of New York City.