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Me v Socrates

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One of the more fascinating things is when people try to challenge me as an analyst and pretend it is a personal confrontation to try to prove me wrong personally. I have stated many times, whenever I have had a personal opinion that has been counter to Socrates, it is me who has always been wrong. As humans, we simply do not always see everything. We miss things taking place around the world or maybe too focused on one personal perspective.

Socrates writes over 1,000 reports each day covering global stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and interest rates. These are ALL entirely written by the computer – NOT me. There is no human interaction. This is entirely Socrates. I find it so funny when people try to say of Armstrong will be wrong or whatever for they fail to understand this is the next evolution in the analysis. The greatest error in all analysis is human bias and the failure to see things from an objective viewpoint.

Here is a Demo of Socrates so you can see – this is not me writing all of these reports.