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Forecasting the Broad Trend for Non-Investors

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about your recent post ‘The Sum of All our Economic Fears’… i understand you will give some advices to investors how to trade difficult times that lie ahead in 2020 and beyond. What i wonder is what we, non investors but just ordinary people who does have only house or the apartment they live in and day job, what we should do and what we can expect regarding crisis that’s coming our way. (many non investors are reading your blog, just for the love of knowledge, i’m sure you are aware of that)
Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: The basic level of Socrates is designed for the non-investor who needs a broader outlook rather than short-term buy and sell strategies. I fully intend to make sure that information is available for the general public. The NY bankers have always wanted to shut down our forecasting, for they want people to only listen to their forecasts which are always self-serving. I will make every effort to ensure that this forecasts of Socrates will be available to the general public because we need not opinion and hype, but objectivity.