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Financial Planning When the Time Comes

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QUESTION: Martin, love your blog! My wife and I are retired Americans with modest income, an ‘average’ middle lower class person. We own our home and have no debt. Your blog has opened a whole new world to me and I have followed it for about 5 years. My question after reading it, especially the banking crisis and monetary crises parts, frequently is: “so, what should we do?” I realize you probably sell the answers for more than I can afford at places I cannot go, but I wonder if you couldn’t provide a ” life raft” view of advice for the masses who are interested in weathering the storms you anticipate. What 3 things would you do as an average retired American, lower or modest income, minimum to no debt?

Just thinking, what?


ANSWER: I take what I do seriously. I will never speak just off the cuff. I really would not be able to sleep night. I thank God I am financially secure so I do not need to work for money, which gives me the freedom to try to contribute. Being in the USA is OK for now. We are not in a position of imminent danger just yet. That will most likely start as early as next year. When I see the opportunity unfold, rest assured, I will be putting that on the private blog. There are some things I just cannot put out for the whole world to see.