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Happy Pi Day

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Pi Day 314

Caesar’s Wife begged him not to go to the Senate in the morning. She had her vision of his death. Decimus dined with Caesar the night before his assassination and convinced Caesar to leave his house the next morning for staying home because his wife, Calpurnia, was worried was unmanly.

Augustus DefeatsEgypt

That fateful day set in motion the collapse of the Republic, the launch of a civil war, and eventually the birth of Imperial Rome 13 years later when the Senate granted the title to Octavian – Augustus after defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra who used Antony for her proxy war to conquer Rome.

Brutus EdMar

Pi seems to have been the critical turning point in Roman History that Brutus even bragged on his coinage that he killed Caesar on the Ides of (15th) March, 44 BC (EID MAR).