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The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Forecasting

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the WEC last year for the first time. Everything you laid out came true. You were saying the Euro would peak by February and we were looking at a dark period into September to October. What I am amazed at is that your computer gets the timing correct and you would think that every newspaper would have you on their front page. You have the best track record of anyone. Why does not one of the major financial press from Bloomberg, WSJ, London FT, etc, ask how you do it? With Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution and AI, you have solved the problems but they are silent. Why?


Laissez faire 1

ANSWER: I believe that Schwab & crew are not interested in AI when it is forecasting that they will lose. If you used Socrates to manage the world economy, it would NOT be advising on manipulating everything. Instead, it would reveal how everything works. That threatens the academic economic establishment, for they believe that their role is to control the economy as did Marx and Keynes, not observe it like Smith and Ricardo. Then all the analysts they put on TV all the time offer their “opinion,” whereas I am providing the computer forecast. People try to argue I am wrong, opinion v opinion, but I say when it is just my opinion, and the forecasts are the computer.

WEF Schwab Transhumanism

All this talk of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is only celebrated to give people like Schwab and Sorors hope that they could live forever by just making new body parts as needed. The real dream of their AI is to control the world and be immortal.

ElysiumWSJ 2009 Shrink Population

This seems to be the movie “Elysium” where they keep the Great Unwashed below and seek immortality in manufactured worlds – i.e. new space race. It is inconsistent to claim they will push the Fourth Industrial Revolution to help all humanity when simultaneously they hold secret meetings on how to depopulate the world. Who is writing these movies? Them? Or are they inspired by these movies and say, that’s a great idea?