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2032 – How Do We Approach Uncharted Waters?

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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong
Thanks for your efforts. you are truly amazing!
You have said that we should expect inflation to increase due to decreased supply. How should we prepare for that?
I do not have the stomach for investing in commodities futures. However, investing in the shares of commodities producing companies is something that I can handle. Does Socrates have anything to say to me about the best way to prepare for this new inflationary cycle?

2032 Sixth Wave

ANSWER: We have Socrates running studies on every individual company looking to assemble a group for this wave that should be the best of the lot. It really takes something like this because human opinion is not going to be worth much when we are heading into unprecedented waters where charts have never gone before.

Make sure you buy one year’s worth of food in cans. If you have the space to do vertical farming, it might come in handy in the years ahead.