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2021 – The Choppiness Ahead

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QUESTION #1: OK. Now what? The Democrats seem to be just vindictive and do not represent all the people. Any thoughts on the future?


QUESTION #2:  Hello Martin.
You and Socrates are the only sane people/AI in a totally insane world for the time being. Thanks for that.
From a Swedish perspective, it is completely absurd what we see unfolding in Washington DC among these corrupt politicians. If Trump leaves without some security guarantees, they will probably chase him and his entire family all the way to hell with various accusations, lawsuits, and maybe even arrests. Maybe he can make an art of the deal with Pence and let him step in 24 hours before noon 20th and pardon Trump and his family against all possible accusations or maybe even make an art of the deal with Biden, for the good of the country, etc.

What do you think and what does Socrates say?


ANSWER: Trump’s biggest flaw is he does not know when to stop. Think a rally would show he had support was not necessary because he had the support and a number of Republicans were going to contest the vote despite the fact it would not win. All the conspiracy theories that Pence would just unilaterally declare Trump the winner were absurd. That was a fringe opinion at best. I stated that once the Supreme Court rejected the Texas suit it was over. The absurd statements that they were telling him how to bring the suit were obviously made up by people that do not understand the law. I do think he should step down, cut a deal with Pence, get a pardon for him and his family. The press will never allow him to come back.

However, the Democrats are exhibiting the same flaw at the very start of their term as Trump. The political winds have shifted masterfully and I would not doubt that someone orchestrated the breach of the Capitol knowing it would discredit all Trump supporters and open a clear path for the Democrats to act like dictators. Rarely does it get more favorable for a party than the Democrats now enjoy! Besides winning control of the White House and both the House and Senate, Joe Biden will get the Cabinet and judges he wants and the path is open to tax changes as well as rules in the Senate to silence the Republicans completely. Media is their lapdog and can be counted on to cheer whatever Biden says and every move he makes. They interfered in the election far more than they accused the Russians. Likewise, BigTech is expecting their payoff in the form of entering banking.

I have warned that “Trumpism” pre-existed Trump – it is the anti-establishment movement that can be traced back to Andrew Jackson. The Republican Party is in shambles because they blame everything on Trump and in the process will disavow the very reforms people have sought. The computer shows an absolutely disastrous two years ahead. The Democrats are blinded by their dictatorial power when in fact they never won a mandate. Nevertheless,  they will push forward to change the face of America and in the process, this is not going to be so easy and they are celebrating right now.

House Democrats failed Monday in their first bid to punish President Trump after his supporters were allowed into the Capitol they wish to characterize as an insurrection when it seemed more like a Woodstock fest with people taking selfies rather than actually overthrowing the government unarmed. Nevertheless, Pelosi is being very vindictive not to just demoralize Trump, but by attempting to make him the first president ever to be impeached twice, she is really trying to discredit. the anti-establishment sentiments in the nation.

Our computer is showing a very choppy year ahead. On top of that, the economy will continue to decline into 2022. What we will see is what I have warned about. Republics are the WORST form of government for they pretend they are democratic, but they are ruthless tyrannical regimes. I continue to warn that you should not be allowed to change the system structurally without a 2/3rd vote. Even to amend the Constitution requires 38 states out of 50 of 76%. Congress should not be allowed to change the rules to end filibusters to usher in an authoritative dictatorship with 50.4% of the vote. This will still lead to violence and the Supreme Court should have ruled on the evidence yes or no. Refusing to take the case leaves both sides convinced about the other. That is not a government that will represent everyone.