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Wayne Swan Rewrites History to Support Living Off of Other People’s Money

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USA GDP 1960 - 2012

It is truly amazing how biased socialists are to the point that they just want to rob anyone who has more than they do and rewrite history to further their political agenda. Wayne Swan, former deputy prime minister of Australia, wrote a political piece for the Guardian that is total rubbish with the heading: “Cutting corporate tax won’t create jobs. It’s yesterday’s solution to our problems.” Swan boldly proclaims that the tax reductions of Reagan and Thatcher did nothing.

Here is the real economic growth of the USA since 1960. You will notice a sharp rally when Reagan cut the taxes. In fact, Reagan created more jobs and revenue by lowering taxes. The pretend “trickle-down economics” these people hate so much actually worked. Obama raised taxes, and he will go down in history for having the lowest economic growth rate of any American president.

Facts and evidence do not matter to socialists. They always support their ideas with fiction to justify robbing other people’s money.