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Understanding Forecasting

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Reversals Timing

QUESTION: Marty, I think your recent gold call has made me understand your model much better. Your timing is the key. You gave the weekly Bullish at 1287.50 in your report and the timing. You said that 1309 is possible if we elect that weekly bullish prior to March 14th week. Gold rallied and stopped 30 cents from your number and precisely the week of the 14th. So it is time first, price second. Correct? And you can be long on one level yet short on another. Correct?


ANSWER: Absolutely. The market is fractal. The reason I have said gold will eventually make new highs is due to the fact we have NEVER elected a yearly bearish even after 1980.  So yes, you can be long on the long-term and short of the near-term. They are different objectives entirely.

Time is always the most important component. There is a time and place for everything. The price typically lines up with a reversal be it weekly to yearly. Just step in and out and let the market do its thing. Why press a trend when the timing is then met? Now we focus on 1202 and need to start electing bearish reversals to confirm a retest of support. Just go with the timing and the numbers.