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TICKETS AVAILABLE – New Webinar on the Economic Confidence Model

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Due to the high demand and interest surrounding the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) and its history, we are offering a new educational webinar on the Economics Confidence Model (ECM) and the global business cycle. This session is suited for all people interested in the cyclical nature of the global economy. While it is certainly beneficial if you have studied the ECM before, it is not required.

This webinar will explain the origins, characteristics, and turning points of the Economic Confidence Model. March 14, 2022, is the next ECM turning point approaching, and we would like to help users better understand the model. The webinar will be led by Erwin Pletsch, who has over 30 years of experience following Martin Armstrong’s research and using the ECM model.

For a full description of the session or to sign up, please click here.