The Panic of 1683 Was the First

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This is the list of panics I discovered in the library at Princeton University. I simply added the period of 224 years from 1683 to 1907 which yield 8.615 as the common frequency dividing that period by the 26 events. I did not expect this to produce events to the day. The mere fact that events would happen precisely to the day as they did in 1981, 1985, 1987, 2001, 2002, and 2007 just to mention a few, beat the odds that this was somehow just coincidence or dumb luck. It has been fascinating discovering how this frequency has dominated history from ancient times to the present.


From the collapse of the Roman Monetary System to just 8.6 years or six wave creating 51.6 years intervals like the collapse of the Roman Follis. It is fascinating to say the least that such a calculation has been so powerful throughout nature, humanity, and destiny.

Nevertheless, by dumb luck, this list of Panics was international and not relegated to a single isolated country. With 1683 for a start, that was the financial panic that disrupted Europe for the Ottoman invasion of Europe with the attempt to take the capital of Europe, the seat of the Holy Roman Emperor in Vienna. So where this calculation began, obviously included was as well.