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The Death of Socialism – the Rise of Tyranny

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Sixth WaveECM


I tend to agree with your view about the decline in socialism.  However, I fear it will be replaced with the other extreme. Doesn’t the pendulum usually swing from one extreme to another?



ANSWER: Absolutely. This is the ONLY reason I am doing what I do. The risk is that we turn more authoritarian and lose all our rights. This is the trend in motion. “Socialism” as far as benefiting the people has been a mere fraud and this is what people are rising up about without identifying in this exact manner.

Socialism gave government extraordinary power. They love that power. What you are witnessing in Spain is the real essence of this thirst for power and they will never hesitate for one second about killing the people. Marx handed government this whip of power. Millions have died ever since. When Shakespeare wrote “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” he was really speaking about government prosecutors. They care nothing about honor, dignity, morality, or ethics. Their job is to trash the constitution and maintain their 98.5%+ conviction rate. If the parents of these people knew the evil they inflict upon society, they would NEVER be proud of their children. I have NEVER met a prosecutor who has EVER been ethical. They are far worse than the people they prosecute and the court appointed lawyers who manage to lose every case are just as worthless individuals at the end of the day. This is all a symptom of the decline and fall of civilization.

We will have a brief shining moment to push the pendulum back in the opposite direction. My fear is what what comes after 2032 is another PUBLIC WAVE. We must be very careful that this battle for power does not extinguish everything worth living for.

People are writing in and asking why am I always right. All I have done is put the pieces together and it is not that hard to understand what makes everything move and shake when the computer monitors the world. God does not speak to me in the middle of the night. If he did, I would ask, can I go home now?

I have a family and if I were selfish, I would care less about them and only myself. I would not be writing this right now and I would be on some island waiting for the mushroom cloud on the horizon to signal it is all clear. But I have a family. Trust me, not even they want to look at what I see so I just do what I need to do and do not preach to them. They will see it when it smacks them in the face.

There are those of us who see. Just remember, you cannot force others to see what you see. The best you can do is soft-peddle and simply point out the trend and let the light go on in their own mind. So enjoy this gift of life while you can. Just keep one eye open fixed on the horizon. When it is time – you will know it.

So until it is time for Scotty to beam me up, I am trapped here, compelled to watch what I do not want to see and I cannot change the channel. History repeats because human motivation remains the same throughout all time and circumstance.