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The Bright Future

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We have a group of geriatric people 80+ attempting to seize the world and rush this Fourth Industrial Revolution, probably in hopes of rapidly advancing medicine to avoid death. The good news is this entire effort to redesign the world and construct a future where they remain immortal and on top will fail. Yes, things will get tough, and yes, we have to take a stand. The good news is that what they are proposing is totally against human nature, and they are clueless as to what even makes an economy function.

Einstein Curiosity

There were NO major advancements that came from Russia or China that furthered human society. All innovations came only from the United States and Europe. Why? Because any advancement in science, technology, medicine, and biology, are the product of CURIOSITY. In order to allow curiosity, it requires the FREEDOM of thought.


What makes the future bright is humanity. For all our faults, the key is IMAGINATION. If we cannot imagine what the future might be, then we cannot create anything. This is why COMMUNISM failed both in China and Russia. Marx took equal rights and transformed that into equal material wealth. Yet, someone who can play football better than his peers should rise to the top with higher pay than others because they will draw crowds. Without IMAGINATION, there is no dream to be fulfilled. Einstein saw it as curiosity, always wanting to figure out how things work.

DaVinci anatomy Baby

Leonardo Davinci had that curiosity to figure out how the body functioned. He explored corpses to further his knowledge dispassionately. Under communism, you did as you were told. There was no individualism allowed.

Capitalism Socialism Tyranny

This is why Marxist theory failed, and it is why we are facing the monetary collapse of Keynesian economics. The foundation must be FREEDOM of though inspired by CURIOSITY and IMAGINATION.