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Question About Time

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Dear Martin,

 I have been following your projection of numbers and time, which is a serious tool to use as guidance.

The question that keeps coming up is why are these numbers so important with weeks, months, quarters and years closings that can forecast the coming trend?

 Everything in the normal world wouldn’t pay any attention to this.

Any other species wouldn’t know if it is Friday or Christmas for that matter.

Kind regards,


Time Plots

dali-clock-s1-bigANSWER: Time is totally arbitrary. A week is only a week because we say it is. That also means you can do with it as you desire. Everything is fractal. That is the importance.

 The vast majority of forecasting is always wrong. Those who get it right sometimes cannot do so consistently. This is because, as humans, we are all subject to emotions and biases.

 Dividing time also allows one to divide the movement and distinguish between “noise” and real changes in trend. You can rally sharply, but does that mean you will break out? Such things can only be determined by looking at longer time frames. You can see the trend at different levels.

 Calendars are whatever we say they are. There have been many. The date system we use in our computer is our own proprietary scalar date system. That is then translated back into a calendar we are familiar with.

 2015.75 = 365 days x .75 and that becomes October 1.

psychopath_knife_male_150_clr_18211We can recreate time. We can create a yearly reversal every day, or weekly, monthly, and quarterly. It takes a lot of computer power to do all this and monitor everything, globally, on all time levels. No human could possibly manage all of this on a manual basis. We can recognize ourselves in a reflection. Other species fight their own shadow.