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Interesting Times

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Beware May 8th

COMMENT: Hello Martin
May 8th seemed to be a turning point and from what I have read from your readers many things happened. I found this quite strange don’t know if it is significant but in Scotland we had the elections on 6 May. Usually, what happens are the votes are counted throughout the night. This did not happen due to covd!!! Votes were counted on the 7 may and results declared 8 may. Scottish National party won. Very strange things going on.
All the best

COMMENT: Dear Martin,
I am an avid reader of your blog, and like so many of your followers I have been waiting with excitement for May 8th. But, as many times before, this time too it seems that it is more a turning point in trend than a single historical event. The question we all ask ourselves is, therefore, which events will turn out to have been significant and which were not. And perhaps even more decisively, what trend were they an expression of?
And then I come to my question about the cyclical pattern at this date. If we go 86 years back in time, we get 1935. A year with several events that gave rise to the emerging danger of war along with the persecution of Jews and religious minorities who refused to support the policies of the time, both in Nazi Germany and North America.
For instance:
April 1st: The International Bible Students (later Jehovah’s Witnesses) is banned later to be imprisoned for refusing to perform military service, join Nazi organizations, or give allegiance to the Hitler regime.
April 30th: A Nazi decree forbids Jews from displaying or carrying the German flag.
May 31st: Jews are banned from serving in the German armed forces.
September 15th: The ‘Nuremberg Laws’ define who is Jewish and withdraw citizenship of German Jews.
October 15th: Hitler announces the reformation of the Reichswehr into a new military force: the Wehrmacht.
Again, we live in a time of increasing militarization. Extensive media censorship is again practiced, and again the introduction of identification is discussed as proof of fidelity to today’s political agenda. And once again, we see the use of force against civilians and religious believers being persecuted and arrested for their opposition to today’s political agenda, as the example from Canada shows. Can these events be connected, and be a gloomy foreshadowing of what lies ahead?
Kindly regards

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REPLY: Yes it seems there are many strange things unfolding around the world. This may indeed be something we look back on with hindsight. But from here, the real test will be the markets this week. Some wonder if this new disease the White House announced has anything to do with what lies ahead.

What certainly seems likely is that May will be a turning point for what reason may be many. Still, others are looking at the bond markets and inflation. Is this the tipping point? Is this attempt to impose a one-time tax on wealth in Europe which smacks of the December 1922 forced loan where they confiscated 10% of all assets that sparked the hyperinflation in 1923.