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Gold Array & Back-To-Back Directional Changes

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GCFOR-W 02-02-16

QUESTION: Marty, I looked back at your Gold Arrays and I can see how they work rather amazingly as well. The week of February 2 was a Panic and a Directional Change. That produced a dramatic rally into a high. The next week was what you call the back-to-back Directional Change you always warn will be choppy. The market pulled back and that was the lowest close. The next target was February 29. That was the highest close and the next target of March 28 was the low. I do not know how you doe this. But nobody can do time like you.

Good on ya

GCNYNF-W 2-8-2016 HL

REPLY: Yes, but the key point is that these targets are all computer generated. They are not my personal opinion. The high degree of accuracy proves that there is hidden order and this is no random walk. In the field of forecasts, we are still living in a very primitive world by assuming government can manipulate everything. When the realization comes to the MAJORITY that they cannot control our destiny, then everything will breakout.

The arrays are not 100%, but they are very close. They can take place on a closing and/or intraday basis. Typically, you have back-to-back Directional Changes that are choppy, yin-yang types of trades.