Secrets of the Universe

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COMMENT: Martin –
Thank you for your efforts to write your discoveries down into publications so that they will be available for the benefit of civilization after you have passed on. I am very much looking forward the “The Geometry of Time”. Like many groundbreaking thinkers of the past, you may end up being someone who suffered resistance and exploitation during your lifetime for your ideas, but who was respected for their contribution long after. And if you are given an ear by governments when this debt crisis blossoms and their backs are finally against the wall, it wont hurt to have polished manuscripts of all your work, backed up by all the the historical evidence of its validity, to pass-out to them. In fact, that may be the point where you can, late in life, make you biggest lasting contribution. If governments, central banks, and economists would give real consideration to how historically accurate your analysis of cycles has been and to your solution to the debt crisis, and if there is by-then a large number of your publications of your legacy-knowledge in circulation, your work may finally grow from ‘cultish’ adoption to more widespread adoption.

That, IMHO, would be a good thing for everyone (and for their children to-come).


REPLY: Thank you. I have learned over the years that I cannot change things. When I was called in back in 1985 and they were creating the G5 (now G20), at first I thought – Wow! I made it! Then you realize that after everyone testifies, they stand up and announce their predetermined conclusion. So I wrote to Reagan because the conclusions were nothing that anyone testified about. I was told that I went out of committee and I would never be called again. I replied, good! Who needs this!

Anyone who claims they advise the CIA or whatever, they do not listen. I have been called only because I wrote to Reagan and told them to screw off. The people they pay are just pawns. Every bill they pass needs some study and they tell you what the conclusion is today. They said back in 1985 if I was a “good boy” I could earn $5 million a year. I said no thanks.

Because I wrote to Reagan back in 1985, when the 1987 Crash took place they were forced to call me since our model forecasted that even right to the day – which was the ECM target.

Ever since we get called when they want the TRUTH rather than someone who will say whatever they need to keep the fees flowing.

Like Keynes, before the Great Depression, they considered his ideas as absurd. When it all comes crashing down, then, and only then, will they consider adopting the ECM and living with the cycle instead of fighting it. The Secret of the Universe is that absolutely EVERYTHING is cyclical.

I have three more books to finish. The Geometry of time, The ECM Book, and In the Blink of an Eye. Dealing with so many governments around the world over the past 40 years has indeed given me both a front-row seat and a unique perspective. All I can do is hope to pass this along for what comes after 2032 when we get to hit the Cntrl-Alt-Delete button on governmental structures and redesign this mess from scratch once again.