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Comments on May 8th

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Pastor Arrest May 2021

COMMENT: Marty; they took a new power on May 8th here in Canada. They are arresting pastors now as ring leaders for holding church services. This was a serious turning point in Canada on May 8th.


COMMENT: A turning point for Canada’s history….This man is a hero.



COMMENT: all this for arresting a priest !!!


COMMENT: Mr Armstrong.

Thank you for your insight to global economics and posting great information, we need more people who are no afraid to challenge the corrupt system.
I live in Alberta and it looks like the government is really cracking down on any discent. I don’t know if they are corrupt, stupid or a bit of both. They seem to have handed control over to the Medical Authorities and it’s a complete mess, we will never climb out of this hole.
Latest is the arrest of a Church Pastor, this is just unbelievable. If a year ago someone told me this would be happening I could not have believed it.
Artur Pawlowski and Dawid Pawlowski arrested after the Church service
COMMENT: Don’t think this is what you expected, but hey Socrates plays no favourites, but the biggest blast of Higher Frequency Resonance came in May 8, 2021.
COMMENT: Here in Jerusalem protests have turned violent on May 8th.
COMMENT: I have watched your turning points for years. When Putin invaded Syria on the day of the model, it was just a blip. But that create the migration of people to Europe. Here in Australia, it was reported that the Chinese discussed weaponizing COVID back in 2015 The Weekend Australian. There are new strains of COVID appearing now. This may be the same result as the Syria event. Just perhaps biological weapons were released but don’t know it yet.
COMMENT: Marty, It just so happens on May 8th the White House acknowledged that there is a mysterious disease that has been affecting overseas personnel and it is now in the United States. Is this the biological weapon you mentioned?
REPLY: Only time will tell.