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A Reality Check: Time & Circumstance

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We need to move one step forward in the social-political evolution process toward a world that functions in another and wiser manner, with even perhaps a more mystical concept of who we are. Our political leaders patronize us for our incompetence in staying focused on what they do; content to be ruled always to our detriment. This is our tragic fate of being subjugated to their power and greed as they look down upon us to be corralled and controlled; we in turn treat them as animals transforming us into their food supply. We are to produce wealth for their sustenance and egotistical powers. Yet we delude ourselves and maintain that we are individuals with freewill, when in fact we are content to be measured as animals, not human beings oblivious to their machinations.

In a new world order, perhaps someday which could be more complete than our present state of circumstance, we might reach that Promised Land where We the People truly govern our own fate. We have not lost those rights since we have never attained them in modern times. We live by slogans that their voices proclaim, yet we never really listen or comprehend what they say. Those who would be king and rule over our lives never see us as brethren, but at best their underlings, if not just animals to be placated but never nurtured. They are the rulers of nations, who in their arrogance cannot see the world they rule under the heel of their boots.

We are caught in the nets they cast into the eternal sea of politics, dictating our life and times. We are the prisoners of our own lack of focus, living in the splendor of our own dreams, but subject to the travails of political mismanagement through time and circumstance.