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Vertical Market are the Most Difficult to Trade Even With 30 Years Experience

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How to Trade a Vertical Market

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
I want to thank you for the great advice some months back, “Do not short this market”, I took your advice. I day trade, and other experienced Traders, with over 30 years experience, recommended I shorting the DOW, Swing Trades, I did not short the markets. Their positions were eventually stopped out with big losses.

Thanks again

A. (from London)

REPLY: Keep in mind that even 30 years of trading experience does not stack up to the type of market we are involved in. VERTICAL MARKETS are different animals altogether. We are in the DENIAL STAGE and that means the market presses higher without a major bullish attitude. What will eventually happen is the more the Dow presses higher, we will reach that major line and when crossed, people will just throw in the towel and then say it will NEVER stop.

I restate that position once again – DO NOT SHORT THIS MARKET. You Must Wait for Socrates to give the signal. It picked the high in Bitcoin. It can do things even with little historical data because it is forecasting the entire world and everything has its place. It is complicated, but I taught Socrates HOW to analyze and then instructed it to go forth and do the world. I NEVER preprogrammed relationships like gold up Dow down or interest rates up Dow down. I let it create its own knowledge base free from predetermined outcomes. Picking the high on Bitcoin proved it can do things a human cannot dare attempt.

How to Trade a Vertical Market Index