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Understanding the Reversals

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Last week, we had elected the weekly reversals at 24741.6 and 24395. Yesterday, we briefly recaptured, then re-lost those levels again.

Do weekly reversals expire at the end of the week, expire once they are elected, or do they remain active from week to week?

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ANSWER: No worry. I answer to both. As far as the Reversal System is concerned, when you pass beyond Reversals electing them on the close by more than 1% away from the number, you will typically rally back to test them before proceeding. In this case, you went to the third one and bounced. You always generate counter-trend reversals when you are making a low. In most cases, they are above the market activity.

In this case, two Weekly Bullish Reversals were elected and that is why we bounced. It was also why I have warned that it appeared this was not a 1987 meltdown, but a consolidation and choppy period. There were no Double Weekly Bearish Reversals that would indicate a meltdown if elected as was the case from the 1987 and 1989 highs.

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The two reversals 24741.6 and 24395 were elected and they will provide overhead resistance. In the case of 1987, you took out all four Weekly Bearish Reversals and there was a gap from 286 on the S&P500 to 181.

The great thing about the Reversal System is we eliminate human opinion. The numbers are very black and white. How they are laid-out in a given market identifies the potential for a meltdown or just a correction. Then our Timing Array showed turning points every two weeks indicating also a choppy pattern. In this way, we are able to eliminate the human subjectivity that is always hit or miss.