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The First Step is Admitting a Mistake

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Einsteing Mistakes

QUESTION:  Marty, Friends and Princeton Economics Staff,
I’ve certainly had a Hate and Love relationship with you over the past few years.!
I’ve travelled a path that has been financially stunting and painful on the markets for the last 10 years.
I’ve felt like that guy that just keeps donating to the markets and not ever understanding why things go down, when I think UP?!
You guys are doing the world a great service. Please continue, so people like me can change things for the better!

My Question is…
do you ever think about the people that lose on the other side of your trades?
The ones that are talked into rubbish investments by the banks and institutions?
I was one of them and I’m sure most of your readers have to admit some of the same at some point!? (its been quite the ride!)

Thank You for your service Marty .

Please. never get disheartened by the nay Sayers.
Please don’t bow to the institutions and RICH MEN/Women that want you for themselves!
You said a few things in Question Time at the Hong Kong Seminar that solidify your humanity and service to this world and I appreciate that.
Take Care and I hope to attend another seminar and shake your hand this time (You are a Bit of a rockstar at the cocktail party) I am a stand to the side kinda guy.
Yourself, Your Family and then the and then the world. That is my promise Marty.
Better the world…
lead_horse_2_water small

ANSWER: We have all been on the losing side of a trade. The critical point is understanding why you were wrong and NOT blaming other people. As long as you blame the bankers or some manipulative cabal, you are not admitting that you were wrong. The only way to advance is to accept your mistakes and then learn from them.

You are making that first step by admitting you were wrong. That is really the first step on the road to successful trading. The old saying, you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink. The world is speaking to us. We just have to learn to listen. The gold promoters, bankers, brokers, and government, all pitch a scenario that benefits them. No different from the used car salesman who tells you every one was driven by a little old lady only once a week.

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