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Technical Analysis Session at the WEC & Workshops

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2016 World Economic Conference Orlando

COMMENT: Marty, your video on the Euro was amazing. What I have learned more from your site in 6 months than I did in college for 4 years. Why don’t you do a text book?

REPLY: I have been asked to do a course at one of the top 10 universities in the world. The problem is time. The field is not interested in learning how free markets function, rather they want to blame someone for manipulation while they themselves try to manipulate society. The Technical Analysis session at the conference will be a training session. I will try to make this really worthwhile for people. Additionally, if the software can handle it, we will try to introduce a payment schedule for the conference as we normally do. We did get a super price for the room accommodation around $150 at night. Mainly, we tend to fill the hotel with our attendees so we negotiated a huge discount for attendees this year.

To purchase a ticket, please visit our “conferences” section.