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Knee Jerk – Reaction – Temp Events

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GC-GMW-Knee Jerk Low

QUESTION: Hello, could you explain the differences between “Knee Jerk v Spike v Temp v Reaction Events” ? They are all Timing indications I guess? regards.

Knee Jerk- Spike Low

ANSWER: When the computer is classifying something as a Knee Jerk high or low, it means it is a one-time-unit event. A Reaction High or Low has not penetrated the previous event and is at least a three-time-unit event. A Temp High or Low is normally a brief trend greater than three-time-units. A Spike High or Low is a quick thrust that may be 3 actual time units within 4 or 5 that creates a V-shaped event followed by a quick reversal.

Here is the Global Market Watch on gold. You can see it correctly forecast two Knee Jerk lows, which proved to be correct. It is the GMW which eliminates personal opinion and is based solely upon pattern recognition. This is neither technical nor cyclical based. This is something altogether unique and represents true Machine Learning Intelligence.