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Is the Greatest Trade on the Century Knocking on the Door Yet?

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DJIND M 10 3 2018 DJIND W 10 3 2018

QUESTION: Hello Mr Armstrong
I have been following you now for a couple of years, since the movie the forcaster, it showed me exactly whats is happening in the world and how little I know about finaces and trading. I am a blue collar worker in Canada with a small pension, how can I or where should I go to learn how to trade? Better yet how to use Socrates or someone who can help me or invest for me?
Your work has opened my eyes and also scares the hell out of me for what is coming.
Please can you help me and the other little guys who not as educated?
Thank you

ANSWER: What you want is not to short-term TRADE but to be a position trader. People who try to trade back and forth usually get caught up in emotions and end up losing money. What you want is to POSITION TRADE for the long-haul.  Here is what happens just using the Long-term Reversals only – not even every single one. Sure, you leave some on the table. The important thing is to reduce the number of trades and your confidence will increase and you will actually make more at the end of the day.

Right now, we are still in this consolidation phase, yet this is still a cycle inversion. We have not elected any Monthly Bearish Reversals at all so you just stay with the trade. The exit point keeps rising as the market rises. You can use the Weekly to Exit after a long bullish run. But for now, just hang tight. We may have the greatest trade on the century knocking on the door very soon.