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Global Market Watch – How Does it Do It?

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GCNYNF-D GMW 8-20-2016

QUESTION: Marty; The Global Market Watch pinpointed Thursday as a knee jerk high in gold. I now understand what the ‘knee jerk’ means. The day before was a low, this was what you call a thrust up but just one day and no follow through. How does the computer know that by the close of Thursday that there will be no follow through?


ANSWER: It actually knows it within a few hours. The pattern it is taking into consideration is everything around it. How it opened, how high was the high, how low was the low, and where it closed relative to the open and previous day. There are percentage movements and accumulative patterns as it moves. There are indicators from stochastics, channels, moving averages, and our indicating trend ranges. There are no cycles and we did not include the reversals. So this becomes just a pattern recognition model that is highly complex. The advantage of this model is as an alert. It was designed for our institutional clients with large portfolios and did not have the staff nor the time to read a report on every market or instrument in their portfolio each day. The original price was $250,000 a year. We are trying to make this affordable for the world to use and see that the fundamentals do not really determine market movement because people act in anticipation of something that may never happen. This model overturns just about everything they ever taught you in school and shows that even politicians are helpless in trying to change the course of the country within the eternal global economic sea.

We really are working hard to get this trader version out. This is where you will be able to access the global market watch with about 500 instruments. Use it as an alert and you can click into any market that looks interesting rather than paying for a subscription to a single market that 30% of the time there might be some required action.

The intraday map will be the next version up which we call Pro. The third version up which will be next year, will do the GMW intraday when we eventually input the live feed. Keep in mind that is a live system so there are exchange fees and a lot more cost involved.

The Global Market Watch is best on the main markets. Individual stocks can have strange patterns so it is like a child and still learning. The Pro version we hope to include all global stocks. This entails some 30,000 instruments.

I am fighting tooth and nail to get the first version out ASAP.