Fixation with Numbers

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2032 – How Do We Approach Uncharted Waters? | Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: You Know…years ago, all these different monthly reports did not affect the markets day to day so much.

Now…Today..these reports send huge panic cycles in the markets every time they are announced. Doesn’t that tell you something about the future?? Doesn’t that tell you something about the US economy? The end keeps getting closer.


REPLY: This is clearly the uncertainty. Everything seems to be upside down. Nobody understands the future or what might even happen. Will there be war? Will inflation actually stop? Are we headed into a major recession? How can the markets rally facing a major recession? So many questions and most have just opinions.

Even my interpretations of the computer arrays are sometimes wrong. Things are unfolding on such a global scale that concerns are rising everywhere. You have North Korea shooting missiles off over Japan, NATO members think Ukraine should join NATO, and Iran is threatening nuclear war in the Middle East. All of this while Schwab tells the world we will own nothing and be happy. To many, it has become just flip a coin and see if you should buy or sell.