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Superbowl 2024

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2020 AFL Array Y

COMMENT: Marty, I just wanted to thank you for your 2020 forecast on the future Superbowls. The double-directional change in 2022 was on target, and we saw the AFL team win two years in a row. Everything is cyclical, right down to football. Socrates even got the viewership correct, forecasting a six-year decline from 2015.

All the best, always to Socrates


2024_AFL Y Chart 2024_NFL Y Chart


REPLY: That is a very true statement. Be it disease, war, politics, or sports, everything has a cycle to it. What is interesting is that the viewership appears to have peaked in 2024. Does that mean Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s winning romance will end? Or does it suggest that we may see war when people are less likely to view sports? It might be the latter.

The idea behind the indicator is that a Super Bowl win for an NFL team from the American Football Conference (AFC) predicts a stock market decline (a bear market) in the coming year. On the other hand, a win for a team from the National Football Conference (NFC) foretells a rise in the market or a bull run in the upcoming year. Well that so-called indicator was wrong last year.

Superbowl 2018

2020 Viewership Array Y 2024 Viewership Y