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Youth Chase Police off Beach

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We are getting reports from around the globe and it appears that this lockdown is unleashing civil unrest that is not going to be contained. Here is a video from Holland. The youth chase the police off the beach at IJmuiden. I went to get my hair cut today so I ended the cave-man look. The woman told me she just received her unemployment check from March and had she not been a saver, she would not have been able to feed her children. But even she added, “they better not try this again!

Gates and his co-conspirators have drastically underestimated the people. They will not tolerate this type of nonsense and there is going to be a lot more resistance if they continue to try to keep people locked down, denied income, yet leave their expenses running. About 30% of mortgages are delinquent. This cannot be tolerated despite the left press blaming Trump for opening up too soon already.

Unfortunately, companies are not activists. They should stop all advertising in any media outlet that demands people remain locked down. The media should feel the same loss of income they seek to inflict upon the people. Some are calling for boycotts of any company that advertises on CNN and other left-wing Marxist media outlets. Who knows. They boycott everything these days.