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Old Iron Curtain Countries Raising the Curtain Again?

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Iron Curtain

COMMENT: Czech rep. has been in total lockdown with all commerce and services closed (except supermarkets and drugstores) since December (and before that since October, with barely a few weeks with shops opened before the next lockdown), curfew at 8pm, schools closed since September, ban on all social activities, etc. And, now the PM said it’s not enough (!) and even stricter “measures” will be announced soon (likely a total ban on leaving home, as well as closure of manufacturing/factories, etc).

Slovakia continues with the forced “testing” every 2-3 weeks. As before, those without a negative test certificate are not allowed to leave home (i.e., can’t go to work, buy anything at a shop, or even go for a walk). They’ve openly said these bi-weekly “tests” will be here to stay (along with the total lockdown, it seems)… until everyone is “vaccinated”.  Also, the new “pandemic” law now allows the govt to remove anyone from their home and put them into “isolation” facilities (prisons/camps?).

The Canadian leak was indeed true, it seems… it’s been playing out 100% as the document said it would, ever since October.

I’m utterly shocked… for the most part, Eastern Europe has gone full-blown “covid” tyranny, and with pretty much zero resistance from the populace. I’ve always been saying that Westerners’ idea that Eastern Europeans are more awake or more courageous or more opposed to totalitarianism (than people in the West) is not true, but even I am shocked and disgusted at seeing this. All of these countries (except Belarus and to a lesser extent a couple of places in the Balkans) have been in more or less total lockdown since October, with curfews, bans on leaving/entering the country (in the case of Hungary), businesses forcefully closed for many months, etc. But Slovakia is, with no doubt, the most tyrannical now (along with China, I suppose)… can’t believe everyone has just submitted to all of this (forced fake “testing”, total lockdown since October, schools closed since March 2020, the economy completely – and deliberately – destroyed, etc). And in Eastern Europe the governments are not paying anything to the businesses they’ve closed down…(the only payment in Czech rep. or Slovakia, is about 10 euros PER DAY per employee – as “compensation”; and nothing to compensate the business owner, of course). And still, people have been obeying ever since March.


1918 InfluenzaHospital

REPLY: It looks like the old Iron Curtain countries are starting to long for their old powers once again. Now even China is looking to impose anal swab testing. You would think this is the black plague. In 1918 with the Spanish flu, the death toll was about 50 million. However, the population was 1.6 billion. That worked out to 3.125%. The total current world population is about 7.8 billion, which means even a death count of 2 million is only 0.0002564%. The data is by no means justifiable to destroy the world economy and eliminate all our freedoms.

In fact, Johns Hopkins retracted an Article Saying COVID-19 had ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in USA. Everything is being censored to create a false image of what is exactly going on. Then the World Health Organization has changed the definition of “herd immunity,” eliminating the pre-COVID consensus that it could be achieved by allowing a virus to spread through a population, and insisting that herd immunity comes solely from vaccines.

The public is suffering from ‘Mass Delusional Psychosis’ and one must wonder are those in charge this stupid, or do they just don’t care what they are doing to society? It is clear that Bill Gates has bought his way into persuading many that the population must be reduced. There are trials of vaccines to prevent having children. Others are testing to see if these vaccines for COVID will reduce male fertility.

This has been global coordination with the slogan BUILD BACK BETTER and if you dare even say that you are now a conspiracy nut despite the fact world leaders are all saying the same thing. The head of the United Nations is pushing this agenda, but hey, we cannot point to world leaders all pushing the same agenda. The elderly are the most vulnerable to these vaccines. China excluded them from their vaccine.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates is already setting the stage for the sequel – climate change lockdowns.  As far as COVID is concerned, lockdowns have been more deadly and ineffective.

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In Britain, they arrest you for two or more people meeting outside in a public park. What is next? Death by firing squad for failing to wear a mask to reduce the population?